Depression Can Happen To Anyone

Where Healing Begins

Understanding my diagnosis, that's how I began to recover

Free Your Mind

Mental Disturbance is NOT a Disease But an Affliction of the Modern Times

It is therefore wrong to think that mentally disturbed people have failed. It is just that in a world that is becoming more complex every passing minute, their internal psychological defense mechanism has chosen to protect them from the looming frustration by altering their sense of reality — sometimes blocking it out partially

Roseville Rehabilitation Complex Company

is dedicated to the plight of the largely misunderstood mentally disturbed people

We are a private psychiatric hospital & rehabilitation center offering psychiatric treatment & rehabilitation services
Our 20-bed locked acute & chronic care facility offers a safe and comfortable environment for both adults and adolescents
Our dedicated staff with years of experience strives to help each client reach their full potential and live a life free from the constant struggle of mental health disabilities or other addictive behavior


Our mission is to treat, counsel & rehabilitate individuals and groups suffering from MENTAL, PERSONALITY, and SUBSTANCE-related disorders through a conducive environment of a home so that each shall possess a manageable behavior essential to the pursuit of a normal life.


A rehabilitated & treated individual or group geared towards a normal and successful life.
A healing and crime free community & country.


  • Psychopharmacology
  • Detoxification (for drug & alcohol related disorders)
  • Psychotherapy (Individual & Group)
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Recreational Dynamics
  • Sublimation (sports, music, drama)
  • Family Therapy Interactions
  • Outpatient Services for Psychotic, Mood, Anxiety, Sleep and other Psychiatric Disorders

Growing Hope

Dr. Wilson S. Tibayan

Dr. Wilson S. Tibayan

Medical Director/Psychiatrist

Gemma Tibayan Vilela

Gemma Tibayan Vilela


Filipinos with Depression

Suicide is Leading Cause of Death Among Youth


Filipino Students aged 13 to 15 had %22Seriously%22 Contemplated Suicide


Filipino Students Actually Attempted Suicide

Roseville Rehabilitation Complex

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Roseville Rehabilitation Complex Company

Compassionate, Comprehensive Behavioral Health Care

33-Year History

Roseville’s reputation is based on 33 years of exceptional care, including comprehensive aftercare.


One-on-One Attention

Roseville has the highest staff-to-client ratio of any private psychiatric hospital center (3:1), giving clients access to individualized practitioner attention every day