1. Patients for consultation are given priority to acutely disturbed psychotics and those coming from distant places
  2. Patients without a guardian or a close relative who will sign the responsibility slip or consent slip for treatment CANNOT be attended to. This is to avoid any possible complaints in the future. It is often necessary that a patient be accompanied by a relative or guardian to give the physician reliable information regarding the patient’s history or background
  3. Emergency and borderline cases e.g. seizure disorder, etc., are attended to immediately and are given urgent and remedial measures
  4. Majority of out-patients are interviewed and examined by the psychiatrist. The necessary prescriptions to be taken at home are endorsed properly to the accompanying relative/guardian, who is/are advised to closely supervise their patient. A return appointment is in the offing.
  5. Firearms or any deadly weapons are confiscated and locked up in the administration office for safekeeping or security reasons.
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