Depression Can Happen To Anyone

Where Healing Begins

Understanding my diagnosis, that's how I began to recover

Free Your Mind

Mental Disturbance is NOT a Disease

But an Affliction of the Modern Times

It is, therefore, wrong to think that mentally disturbed people have failed. It is just that in a world that is becoming more complex every passing minute, their internal psychological defense mechanism has chosen to protect them from the looming frustration by altering their sense of reality — sometimes blocking it out partially.

A Staff that Truly Cares

Roseville is dedicated to the plight of the largely misunderstood mentally disturbed people.

We are a private psychiatric hospital & rehabilitation center offering psychiatric treatment & rehabilitation services.

Our 20-bed locked acute & chronic care facility offers a safe and comfortable environment for both adults and adolescents.

Our dedicated staff with years of experience strives to help each client reach their full potential and live a life free from the constant struggle of mental health disabilities or other addictive behavior.


Our mission is to treat, counsel & rehabilitate individuals and groups suffering from MENTAL, PERSONALITY, and SUBSTANCE-related disorders through a conducive environment of a home so that each shall possess a manageable behavior essential to the pursuit of a normal life.


A rehabilitated & treated individual or group geared towards a normal and successful life.
A healing and crime free community & country.


  • Psychopharmacology
  • Detoxification (for drug & alcohol related disorders)
  • Psychotherapy (Individual & Group)
  • Treatment for Alcohol and Drug-Induced Psychoses
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Recreational Dynamics
  • Sublimation (sports, music, drama)
  • Family Therapy Interactions
  • Outpatient Services for Psychotic, Mood, Anxiety, Sleep, and other Psychiatric Disorders

Mental Health & Rehabilitation

Growing Hope

Dr. Wilson S. Tibayan

Dr. Wilson S. Tibayan

Medical Director/Psychiatrist

Gemma Tibayan Vilela

Gemma Tibayan Vilela


Filipinos with Depression

Suicide is Leading Cause of Death Among Youth


Filipino Students aged 13 to 15 had Seriously Contemplated Suicide


Filipino Students Actually Attempted Suicide

Dr. Wilson Tibayan’s
Clinic Schedule

Monday – Roseville (Whole Day)

Tuesday – Urdaneta (Sacred Heart Hospital)

Wednesday – Roseville (Morning)

– Notre Dame (Afternoon)

Thursday – Roseville (Whole Day)

Friday – Roseville (Morning)

– Notre Dame (Afternoon)

Saturday – Roseville (Whole Day)




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33-Year History

Roseville’s reputation is based on 33 years of exceptional care, including comprehensive aftercare.


One-on-One Attention

Roseville has the highest staff-to-client ratio of any private psychiatric hospital center (3:1), giving clients access to individualized practitioner attention every day