Visiting Days Monday to Saturday
Visiting Hours 9:00-11:30 AM
1:00-5:00 PM


IMPORANT: Visiting is only allowed after the approval of the doctor

Visitations are limited and usually allowed a week or two after confinement or upon discretion of the psychiatrist. The attending psychiatrist may refuse visiting privileges if the patient is deemed behaviorally unimproved and disturbed and if such visit may affect the patient’s behavior negatively.

Only close relatives and guardians are allowed to visit their patients. Patients’ friends and peers are prohibited unless permitted and/or accompanied by their relatives, who would then inform the psychiatrist in charge of the patient.

Relatives/visitors and their belongings are routinely inspected for security reasons. Drugs, alcohol, nicotine and other similar substances are not allowed within the hospital premises.

NOTE: Those who refuse to follow orders from management are prohibited from entering the hospital.


1. For Precautionary And Security Reasons

  • Children below 12 years of age are NOT allowed
  • Guns, sharp objects, deadly weapons or any object that maybe used to inflict harm are NOT allowed
  • Any breakable articles, e.g. bottles, glasses or any dangerous articles which are considered hazardous are prohibited and are confiscated before entering hospital building
  • Your visit will be supervised by one of our personnel and will be terminated when deemed necessary
  • Only five (5) visitors at a time
  • Do NOT give bottled water or canned food and beverage
  • Do NOT give patients money for any reason

2. For Health Reasons

  • Carbonated drinks and liquor are NOT allowed

3. For Reasons Of Confidentiality / Protection Of Privacy

  • Please confine yourselves to the visitor’s area
  • Do NOT wander and interact with other patients
  • Do NOT accept letters or personal favors
  • Cameras and video cams are NOT allowed
  • NO cellphones. Surrender them to the administrator or nurse on duty and will be returned only after visiting

4. Other Considerations

  • Please DO NOT stay longer than you need to
  • Limit visits to ONCE WEEKLY
  • Minimize noise!
  • We’d appreciate it if you’d keep the visiting area neat and clean
  • DO NOT litter
  • Clean As You Go
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